4 hours


$2500 for in-house teams, excluding travel costs from Hobart


We provide in-person training throughout Australia, and online training globally using Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

For training in North America, visit Spacemakers Canada.


Meetings are important. They should be interesting and valuable. But often they suck. 

Drawing on the writing of Patrick Lencioni (The Table Group), we take a fresh look at how to think about, design and run your meetings.

Rather than a catch-all solution, we suggest four different formats — the daily check-in, weekly team meeting, ad hoc strategic and annual off-site.

If you feel stale and frustrated with the state of your meetings, both online and offline, try spicing things up by shifting how you structure your time together as a team. 


  • Overview – understand the problem of “meeting soup” and why meetings are frustrating and boring.
  • Separate strategic topics from operational issues, and think about how to execute your strategy using a simple team plan. 
  • Learn to use different meetings for different outcomes:
    • Run a Daily Check-In using 3 key questions;
    • Chair a Weekly Team-Meeting with a real-time agenda;
    • Prepare a 2-hour Ad Hoc Strategic meeting for a single issue;
    • Design an Annual Off-Site without using butcher’s paper.
  • Form a tangible plan to shift the way you run meetings in your own work context.