4 hours


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Meetings are important. They should be engaging and interesting. But often they suck.

Meeting Dojo draws on the writings of Patrick Lencioni, and takes a fresh look at how to think about, design and run your meetings.

Rather than a ‘one-size fits all’ approach, we suggest using different formats for different outcomes – a daily check-in, a weekly team meeting, an ad hoc strategic, and annual off-site.

You will learn how to chair a team meeting without a pre-formed agenda. You will learn how to solve strategic issues using a 2-hour 2-monthly format. You will be challenged to think differently about how you plan and progress your team’s goals.

Like all courses, we also get practical. You will exit our dojo with a clear plan to re-design your own meetings.

Key content areas

  • Understand the problem of meeting soup and why meetings are frustrating;
  • Identify the differences between strategic and operational meetings;
  • Lead a Daily Check-In using 3-key questions;
  • Chair a Weekly Team Meeting using a real-time agenda;
  • Prepare a 2-hour Ad-Hoc Strategic meeting to solve a pressing issue;
  • Re-think the way you implement strategy, using a Plan-on-a-Page blueprint;
  • Design an Annual Off-Site meeting without using butcher’s paper!

Who Should Attend

For managers, team leaders, or anyone who has a role in leading or chairing meetings.