4 hours


$2500 for in-house teams, excluding travel costs from Hobart


We provide in-person training throughout Australia, and online training globally using Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

For training in North America, visit Spacemakers Canada.


Is your team busy and distracted? Are they always online and struggling to manage the new blend work and life?

The digital revolution is here to stay, requiring a rethink in how we plan and structure our time. More than ever before, our staff need skills to manage digital overload as part of their wellbeing, including strategies to focus, think clearly and care for self. 

What if your team could be more productive by unplugging from digital distraction? What if investing in space to think deeply, rest fully and reconnect with people in real-life could be a strategy to help your staff achieve their best work and live their best lives?

This productivity course is based on Daniel Sih’s best-selling book, Spacemaker, which has won multiple national and international awards. These include the 2023 Axiom Business Book Award for the Best Work-Life Balance and Time-Prioritisation Book in the USA, as well as the 2021 Australian Business Book Award for the Best Personal Development Book.

Isn’t it time you invested in the digital health and wellbeing of your team to become a Space Sensei!


  • Discover why wellbeing is hard to define and the factors impacting our wellbeing. 
  • Explore the connection between digital technology and sustained productivity, and why we need more space.
  • Discover why our productivity and wellbeing suffers when we overuse digital technology in hybrid environments.
  • Understand the paradigm of technology and why our brain needs to rest from excessive online activity.
  • Recognise the signs of digital overuse and how to improve the health, happiness and productivity of teams.
  • Define individual areas of personal wellbeing to improve self-care.
  • Reflect on the impact of digital overuse in the domains of your life.
  • Establish research-informed habits to increase deep thought, deep rest and deeper relationships.
  • Identify strategies to achieve your best work as a team, investing in keeping pace and making space.
  • Practical commitments (using tools like a habit tracker) to encourage personal and collective action.