3 hours


$2500 for in-house teams, excluding travel costs from Hobart


We provide in-person training throughout Australia, and online training globally using Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

For training in North America, visit Spacemakers Canada.

About Email Ninja

Email is an important communication tool, but a high volume of email is hard to manage. When our email inbox is out of control, we experience more stress, distraction and frustration. If this is you, a clear plan is essential to manage this endless stream of information in a timely, efficient and stress-free way.

Email Ninja was developed by Spacemakers and has impacted the lives of more than 20,000 workers around the world.

This practical, research-informed training will transform the way you work by helping you understand, organise and process your inbox in a fresh way. Our road tested email practices will help you get your inbox to zero everyday!

Included in this package are a series of Email Ninja videos and an Outlook for Email Ninja micro eLearning course for each participant. 


  • Overview – what is an inbox, what is its purpose and why does it often get out of control?
  • Organise – create categories to process every type of email quickly
  • Practices – four simple processing habits to get your inbox to zero everyday
  • Barriers – practical ways to start (even if your inbox is overflowing)
  • Action – self-commitments to ensure you make progress today

NOTE: This is not a Microsoft Outlook training course, but an interactive productivity workshop to shift your email and time management habits forever.

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