3 hours


$2000 AUD for in-house teams ($1400 USD and $1600 CAD)


We provide in-person training from Hobart, Australia, and Vancouver, Canada, and online training globally using using Zoom or Microsoft Teams.


Is your team exhausted or close to burn out? Are they working remotely and struggling to juggle work and life?

Online meetings and hybrid working is here to stay, requiring a rethink in the way we blend work and life. Digital overuse is a new problem, requiring creative solutions. More than ever before, our staff need strategies to unplug, unwind and think clearly.

What if you could be productive and rested by living an ordered, rhythmical life? What if habitually unplugging from digital technology was not simply a means of surviving week by week, but a strategy to produce your best work and live your best life?

This productivity course is based on our award-winning book, Spacemaker, winner of an Australian Business Book Award in 2021 (best personal development book). 


  • Explore the connection between digital technology and sustained productivity, and why we need more space.
  • Discover why our productivity and wellbeing suffers when we overuse digital technology.
  • Understand the paradigm of technology and how our relationship with the online world impacts our behaviours.
  • Recognise the signs of digital overuse and how to improve the health, happiness and productivity of teams.
  • Establish annual, weekly and daily practices of self-care by unplugging from technology as a habit.
  • Learn to say “no” and “no yet” to establish healthy digital boundaries in a hybrid working environment.
  • Consider the S.P.A.C.E. principles and how they help with digital habit change.
  • Reflect on a series of practices to think deeply, rest fully and enjoy a broad range of activities away from a screen.