Are you a capable manager, professional or business owner inundated with meetings, emails, and tasks?

Perhaps it’s time to make space to boost your productivity to the next level?

Productivity Masterclass is a high-value, online group coaching program to help you build better productivity habits with other likeminded leaders. 

Cost: $3,200 pp for our 6-month coaching program.

Next intake: Contact us before December 2023 to join our next cohorts starting in February 2024.

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Productivity Masterclass is a six-month program designed for leaders and managers to enhance their personal productivity. Each group is composed of 6 individuals who meet for 75 minutes every two weeks to collectively refine their skills.

This program incorporates content from our top-rated training courses such as Priority Samurai, List Assassin, Space Sensei, Meeting Dojo, Email Ninja, and Team Strengths, culminating in a comprehensive package.

Key program features includes:

  • Bi-weekly group coaching sessions with productivity expert, Daniel Sih
  • A CliftonStrengths assessment followed by a one-on-one coaching session
  • Practical resources to deepen knowledge
  • Real-world, habit-based activities to put theory into practice


This process is designed to promote habit change in your personal and professional life. It includes:

  • Teaching input from our award-winning productivity content
  • Collaborative discussions to learn as professionals
  • Personal reflection and application as individuals
  • A commitment to supportive but accountable action


While coaching content may vary according to what a group needs, our approach consistently encompasses:

  • Understanding and applying your strengths and talents within your present context
  • Personal wellbeing and the impact of the 5-Capital framework on work-life balance
  • Approaches to define and measure your annual and quarterly goals
  • Skills to break down goals and projects into achievable actions
  • Strategies for prioritisation, including methods to reduce overload by saying “no” to non-essential tasks
  • The application of List Assassin methodologies to bolster your ability to manage complexity
  • The cultivation of runway habits for managing email, calendars, to-do lists, and meetings


For more information about our Productivity Masterclass, please contact us to initiate a conversation.

Daniel Sih is available for either a Zoom meeting or an in-person coffee (in Hobart), should you wish to discuss your work context and productivity challenges.

We launch new cohorts every six months, and maintain a waiting list for those who are keen to join the program.

Please note that this program may not be suitable for everyone. It is specifically designed for competent professionals who are self-motivated, eager to learn, and capable of active participation in a group setting. If we believe you might benefit more from a different approach, we will advise you and guide you towards an alternative path.