Tim and Dan Picture (Mick's Edit) Dec 2013


It started a few years ago as an idea.

Our families had just finished a delicious lunch. Music was playing. The kids were jumping on the trampoline. Tim and I were washing dishes by the kitchen sink. As usual (according to our wives) we were talking about work. Although to be fair, our chat wasn’t really about work. It was about HOW we work.

With our hands in soapsuds, we talked about email. We talked about lists. We expressed frustration at seeing people struggle unnecessarily at work. We talked about solutions that exist. We talked about how training needs to be fun, creative, practical and habit based. Then we checked with our wives if we could start a business.

Luckily they were happy. But they insisted that we finish the dishes first!

Our Tribe

It took a long time for our idea to become Spacemakers.

It first became an experiment, then a hobby and then a business. Nowadays it’s a growing tribe.

We have a lot of people to thank so far.

  • Kylie and Carolyn, our amazing and ever valiant wives who make it all worthwhile.
  • Paul Leitch and The Training Consortium for first giving us a go.
  • Peter Wheatley from Peopleworks Ltd, who saw more potential in us than we did in ourselves.
  • Cameron McCulloch, who allowed us to experiment and then told everyone he knew.
  • Mark and Tom from Mark&Tom, our incredible graphic and media design team, who bring our ideas to life.
  • Joel Warren from Wiild, our web developer who created our websites and continues to solve every technical problem we throw at him.

And finally, our tribe of true believers who, like us, believe in making space by doing everyday things well.