Micro-eLearning Sneak Peek...

Are you a practicing Email Ninja, but need some help to make the habits stick?  

This course will teach you how to master Microsoft Outlook using Email Ninja!

Outlook for Email Ninja  


Micro-eLearning works in just 3 easy steps:

1. Open Your Email

Sent on week days

2. Watch a Short Video

Two to five minutes in length

3. Practice the Skills

Master Outlook like a Ninja!

Outlook for Email Ninja is a course for anyone who has completed Email Ninja Training (or watched our online videos) and needs a boost to skilfully apply this methodology using Microsoft Outlook.

  We teach you how to utilise the deep functionality of Microsoft Outlook, to process your inbox to zero each day!

Spacemakers is a productivity consulting group and not affiliated with, or endorsed by Microsoft Corporation.