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The Weekly Review

This video will show you how to perform a Weekly Review which is a key habit from our List Assassin training program to ensure you complete your projects and keep your to-do list running smoothly.


What If Your Inbox Was An Animal?

If your inbox was an animal, what would it be?

A grizzly bear? A yapping Jack Russell Terrier? A constipated elephant?

This is what other people have said…


Think And Organise Like A Ninja

Email Ninja consists of a simple framework: Thinking, Organising and four Disciplines.

This video will help you to start to think and organise like a ninja.


The Waiting Folder

This video will teach you about the Waiting Folder.

The waiting folder will make you a better manager by helping you keep on top of everything you’ve asked others to do.

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List Assassin Recorded Webinars

These 2 video’s explains how to apply the List Assassin habits of Capture, Organise, Review and Do, using 2 popular to-do apps (Wunderlist and Doit.im). Don’t forget, start with the habits before jumping into an app!


Mail To Wunderlist

This handout will show you how to quickly and easily convert an email into an action/task in Wunderlist.

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Goal-Project-Task Worksheet

Need a simple template for breaking down goals into projects and tasks? This simple Priority Samurai worksheet might come in handy.