Tim and I weren’t always productive.

8 years ago, I was working two professional jobs, raising a toddler, building a house and juggling a mountain of volunteer work. And I was stressed!

Too many balls were in the air at the same time. I kept to-do’s in my head and my mind was disorganised and chaotic. I remember waking at 2 am with profound thoughts like; “Remember to refill the toner cartridge before it runs out.” Deep stuff! It was obvious that I had a problem.

Now meet Tim.

Tim was leading a statewide IT project, travelling regularly, raising a toddler and running a disability association in his spare time. He was overloaded with emails and his inbox was out of control. Living on his phone, he would regularly miss actions or lose attachments. Even when Tim was not at work, his mind was stuck at work. Like me, he needed a different way.

Then we got smart.

Independently from each other, we both began to ask the right questions. We devoured dozens of productivity books. Ran literature reviews. Found a productivity coach and started a business book club. Bit by bit, through shifting workplace habits, we found that things started to change.

Building on our diverse professional backgrounds, we now help others to do the same.


Daniel has 15 years of experience working in senior leadership and strategic consulting roles across Australia and the UK. He is a skilled communicator, trainer, coach and writer. He has worked as a Physiotherapist and Project Manager, leading various public health services in Tasmania. He also has leadership experience in the non-profit sector, through his previous roles as the Director Forge Tasmania, and Third Place Communities.

Daniel is an accredited Top 5 StrengthsFinder coach with the South Pacific Strengths Network.

Daniel has 3 children, 18 chickens and is a founding director of Spacemakers.


Tim is a qualified Health Information Manager, Project Manager, and Change Manager, with over 15 years of experience in senior leadership roles. He has lead the rollout of numerous projects in industries such as health, tertiary education, utilities and industry.

Tim has served as the President of MND Tasmania and Vice President of MND Australia (Motor Neurone Disease), and is chair of the Risdon Vale Bike Collective.

He is an accredited Top 5 StrengthsFinder coach with the South Pacific Strengths Network.

Tim has 2 children, 2 rabbits and is a founding director of Spacemakers.


Matt has 15 years of counselling and leadership experience across the public service, education sector, and in private practice. His roles have involved individual counselling, group therapy facilitation, psycho-educational program delivery, policy development, productivity training and team leading. When not working for Spacemakers, Matt helps lead a local church community in southern Tasmania.

In his spare time, he enjoys brewing beer with friends whilst listening to records. This may sound painfully and self-consciously cool, so it’s important to him that you know he was enjoying these pastimes before they were tarnished by bearded hipsters.

Matt has 2 children, a 40kg chocolate Labrador, and is a senior trainer at Spacemakers.